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How to play Cornhole

Whether you're setting up a game in the backyard, or running an official ACA tournament, these are the ACA rules and regulations that are officially followed in Australia and are consistent with the top cornhole leagues in the USA.


Cornhole is a fun, easy-to-learn game played by people of all ages, shapes and sizes. The game is hugely popular in the USA, with major tournaments now regularly televised.

The game of Cornhole is still new to Australia. The Australian Cornhole Association is the governing body for the sport in Australia and is dedicated to promoting the sport, helping people run their own tournaments, and running official competitions.


All you need is three friends, a set of cornhole boards, 8 bags and a bit of room in the backyard or at the local park.

Setting up

Set up your boards directly facing each other with a gap of 8.23 metres (27ft) between the front edge of each board. If you’re playing for fun, find a distance that works for all players.

Next, line up directly across from your partner (not diagonally from each other). You're now ready to play!


Begin play by tossing the bag underhand at the opposite board. Take turns throwing against your competitor, until each team has thrown all 4 bags. Keep in mind, your feet must stay behind the leading edge of the board when throwing.


1 point is awarded for each bag that lands on the board, and 3 points for landing a bag in the hole. Cornhole uses cancellation scoring, meaning that you receive the points you score, minus your opponents points. For example, if team A throws 1 bag in the hole and lands one on the board, and team B lands only 1 bag on the board, the score for that round is 3 for team A.

The first team to reach 21 points wins.

Have a friend? Form a team.

Cornhole is the easiest team sport to get involved in. All you need is one friend who is as keen as you are to throw some bags! When you find another bag bandit, you’re about ready to join a league or enter a tournament.

Join a league or start your own.

We have the equipment and know-how to help you set up your own ACA-sanctioned cornhole league anywhere in Australia. Get in touch via our 'Contact Us' page for more information.

Compete in a tournament

The major cornhole tournaments in the USA are now televised on CBS. We’re not quite there yet, but do host official ACA tournaments where you can have some fun and test your skill against other cornhole addicts. We also love to support charities, schools, universities and business venues to host their own cornhole events.

Official Cornhole Rules 

Are you a stickler for the rules? Looking to run your own ACA sanctioned event?

Click on the link below for the official ACA cornhole rules.


Learn the rules of Cornhole

Click here to download a copy of the ACA's official cornhole rules & regulations.

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